Browning Xitan Xtreme Margin 9.5m Revolution



Xitan Xtreme Margin 9.5m – The fully compatible margin pole partner for our Xitan range. Browning’s Xitan Xtreme Margin is, as the name suggests, a high quality and very strong pole for margin and “short” fishing. All sections have increased wall strength and visible reinforcing, yet the Xtreme Margin still weighs less than 500gr at 8.5m! – making it probably the lightest margin pole available. Every sec- tion of the Xtreme Margin is fully compatible with all current and previous Browning Xitan poles so it is the perfect summer partner other poles in the Xitan range. Xtreme Margin Key features

  • The first choice for anglers needing a very strong, but remarkable light, margin or “short” pole

  • Fully section compatible, so the perfect partner to other Browning Xitan poles

  • Built to the same quality standards as other Xitan poles with special carbon reinforcing to add extra strength

  • Supplied with a special Pole Protector section which fits the pole at 7 & 8.5m.

  • Supplied with large bore, pre-bushed, Single Length Kits which accept the heaviest elastics without cutting.

  • Elastic rating 20+. Fully section compatible with current and previous Xitan Power poles

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