Cresta Blackthorne 3.30m Feeder Rod


£124.99 £101.99

It’s no longer a secret that feeder fishing can be extremely effective on short distance. Even within the range of general poles, fishing with a small lead weight or cage feeder can produce great results. These rods come with sensitive tips for optimal bite registration and the fast action of this 40 gr. rods make them perfect for this way of fishing. These distinctive qualities make these rods perfectly suitable for coarse, carp and F1’s.

Code Model Length Transp.
Weight Casting Weight Tips Carbon Sections
2469 270 Blackthorne Feeder 2,70m 1,39m 186gr <40gr 0.5oz+ 0.7oz+ 1.0oz 2+3
2469 300 Blackthorne Feeder 3,00m 1,54m 197gr <40gr 0.5oz+ 0.7oz+ 1.0oz 2+3
2469 330 Blackthorne Feeder 3,30m 1,69m 222gr <40gr 0.5oz+ 0.7oz+ 1.0oz 2+3

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