Cresta Blackthorne 3.90m Feeder Rod


£154.99 £129.99

Blackthorne Feeder 80gr 3,90m

Fishing with heavy cage feeders require a special rod. The rod has to withstand continuous pressure when used in rough conditions such as big rivers without loosing it’s strength and hook setting power. This 3.9mtr Black Thorne Feeder can cast a filled cage feeders up to 80 grams with no effort. Even under high “line pressure” this rod has plenty of “backbone” left to set the hook succesfully. Great for for distance fishing and use in rough weather conditions.

Code Model Length Transp.
Weight Casting Weight Tips Carbon Sections
2469 360 Blackthorne Feeder 3,60m 1,24m 244gr <50gr 1.0oz+ 1.5oz+ 2.0oz 3+3
2469 375 Blackthorne Feeder 3,75m 1,30m 267gr <60gr 1.5oz+ 2.0oz+ 3.0oz 3+3
2469 390 Blackthorne Feeder 3,90m 1,35m 279gr <80gr 1.5oz+ 2.0oz+ 3.0oz 3+3

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