Cresta Blackthorne 4.05m Heavy Feeder Rod



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Blackthorne Feeder 100gr 4,05m

Harsh weather conditions such as strong wind and currents require a rod which can accurately cast a cage feeder to the correct position. The Blackthorne 100gr is the ideal partner for these conditions. Thanks to the power that is being built-up from bottom to tip, this rod can comfortably manage heavy cage feeders too. The tips bottom sections have been thickened to 3.4mm, the action has become much faster, resulting in a higher acceleration of the cage feeder and a better bite registration, even with wind and a strong current.

Code Model Length Transp.
Weight Casting Weight Tips Carbon Sections
2469 405 Blackthorne Feeder 4,05m 1,39m 290gr <100gr 2.0oz+3.0oz + 4.0oz 3+3
2469 420 Blackthorne Feeder 4,20m 1,44m 335gr <125gr 2.0oz+3.0oz + 4.0oz 3+3

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