Cresta Push Beads


This bead is especially designed for the inline method system. The head of this bead hits the edge of the tube whilst the back falls in. This way the bead nearly does not stick out so the method can still be filled with the Cresta 2-piece Method Mold. Naturally this bead can be used in with the Cresta Pellet and Easy-fill Feeder too.
The unique design result in a perfect fit, but opens easily too, by simply pushing the back of the insert upwards. This way the upper part comes free so the loop of the rig can be hung in.
Beacause of the rig is simply being hung in, and does not to be knotted, it is easy to switch from method too, in case of a switchable method system is being used.
This bead is the ideal connection between mainline and rig with the inline method set-up.

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