Frenzee FXT Match Seat Box



This stunning new Frenzee Match seat box is new for 2017. The Independent, lightweight, adjustable aluminium frame is a unique and innovative feature that enables the seating position to be customised for the angler. Another example of Frenzee innovation and quality design.

  • Large diameter 36mm legs
  • Lightweight adjustable aluminium frame, customising the seating position.
  • Lower frame provides more leg contact for the ultimate in stability
  • Increased storage capacity between footplate and drawer units
  • Articulated mud feet
  • Integral footplate slides under the chassis
  • New snag-free fittings throughout
  • Sprit levels
  • Pole retaining strap
  • Padded rear bar
  • Seat box cover
  • Threaded end cap insert
  • 36mm moulded accessory block
  • Seat cover


Padded seat with pole holder
Carbon friendly soft-touch strap that holds your pole sections securely.

Articulated mud feet
Strengthened mud feet for extra support.

Lightweight Adjustable Aluminium frame
This unique feature allows adjustment of the height of the seat, customising the seating position.

Integral footplate slides under the chassis
Easily pulls from under the chassis and can be locked into position with the extra secure foot plate clips.

Sprit levels
Two spirit levels for easy leveling.

Threaded End Cap Insert
Two of the 36mm legs have inserted brass threads for attaching a number of accessories.

Hand Wheels
Strengthened extra grip handwheels making it quick and easy to adjust.

Padded Rear Bar
Padded rear bar for extra comfort when carrying the seatbox.

36mm Moulded Accessory Block
This can be used for housing any 36mm accessory attachment.

Available colours

  • White
  • Black
  • Orange 

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