Spro Ikiru Jerk 85SP Jerkbait



The suspending Ikiru ‘Jerk’ lures are perk jerkbait models but are just as well fished slowly in faster on a simple retrieve; fished as a crankbait. The magnetic weight transfer system is perfect for a balanced, suspense sinking action of these new lures. These lures cast accurately with the greatest ease; even the smaller sizes.

Ideal lures to fish the entire water column. Designed for fresh and saltwater predators.

Ikiru Jerk 85 SP - Slow Sinking - 8,5cm - 10gr
Color Diving Depth
4371 101 Roach max. 1.0m
4371 102 Green Perch max. 1.0m
4371 103 Yellow Perch max. 1.0m
4371 104 Black Back max. 1.0m
4371 105 Ayu max. 1.0m
4371 106 Old Ayu max. 1.0m
4371 107 Shirasu max. 1.0m
4371 108 Sardine max. 1.0m
4371 109 Mackerel max. 1.0m
4371 114 Char max. 1.0m
4371 115 Ruff

max. 1.0m


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